48′ Custom Baybuilt Deltaville Deadrise

Artist’s rendering of a traditional Deltaville Deadrise similar
to our Hatteras Deadrise Charter Boat

Hatteras Deadrise Charters

The Hatteras deadrise charter boat is an authentic Baybuilt Deltaville Deadrise.

Our Baybuilt Deadrise was built uniquely for rougher weather and sea conditions than most of the working watermens boat from Deltaville VA.  The large pilothouse and higher gunwhales make an ocean worthy vessel in higher waves.  Generally speaking, when the weather gets rough, it is much worse in the Pamlico Sound than in the Ocean because the wave period, or distance between wave crests is much shorter in the shallow waters.  In the Ocean, waves can spread out in the deeper waters and it is much easier on the vessel.

  • Stable and safe vessel with indoor protection from the elements
  • Pilothouse is warm and cozy on colder days
  • Indoor electric head, shower, refrigerator with indoor seating and sleeping quarters
  • Authentic working vessel of the Chesapeake and North Carolina Sounds and Atlantic Ocean
  • Dual engine, so if there is any problem with one engine, the other can still safely bring the boat home

Proudly Supporting Hatteras Sailing Organization

Hatteras Deadrise ‘Reel Perserverance’ is the Official Committee Boat of Hatteras Sailing Organization

We are proud to support the local not for profit Hatteras Sailing Organization as the Official Committee Boat of Hatteras Sailing for the two annual Sailing Festivals. When we are not hosting guests aboard a Hatteras Deadrise Charters, you’ll find us out in the Pamlico Sound near Buxton Harbor helping with sailing practice or summer beginner sailing camps. We have a pretty good time on the roof keeping an eye out for the little ones as they learn to be lifelong seaman.