Hatteras Deadrise

Hatteras Deadrise Charters is now offering an authentic Baybuilt Deltaville Deadrise for charter from Buxton Harbor on Hatteras Island. Our 48’ Deltaville Deadrise, ‘Reel Perseverance’, is a very well perserved example of the elegant sloped lines of the deck, wide gunnels for walking and working crab pots, and the characteristic large, open back deck. These boats were originally designed by commercial fishermen as a strong work boat, but we think they make a fantastic platform for sightseeing, history, eco-tours, bird watching, and an authentic Hatteras Island Boating experience.

Deadrise Boat Design

Deltaville Deadrise boat design first began in the early twentieth century. Originally designed and built by the working watermen of Virginia, this classic hull and cabin design began with a small group of local fishermen in Deltaville, Virginia who needed tough fishing boats that could handle the rough waters of the Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries.  The conditions of the Pamlico Sound on the backside of Cape Hatteras can be quite similar to the Chesapeake Bay with shallow waters, unpredictable weather, and short chop conditions. The working fishermen of the Pamlico Sound and Chesapeake Bay needed a boat that could stand up to the strong currents, strong winds, and shallow conditions of the area. The Classic Deadrise shape emerged as one of the most loved and enduring boat designs emerging from American Boatbuilders.

Deadrise Charters On Cape Hatteras

Hatteras Deadrise features a large and cozy pilothouse with below deck head and sleeping quarters, which allow for longer adventures and off season boating trips, in the protection of the cozy heated indoor pilothouse. She is offered for short sunset and day trips as well as more extended adventures amongst the sandbars of Diamond Shoals and Cape Lookout National Seashore. Charter our Authentic Deltaville Deadrise from Buxton on Hatteras Island to Portsmouth Island where you can explore the village that was once the most vibrant community on the Outer Banks, but is now just a ghost town. Spend a day on a private tour to Ocracoke and explore the historic fishing village and unique character of the area around Silver Lake. Head out of Hatteras Inlet to the shipwrecks of Diamond Shoals for freediving and spearfishing.

Leaving Buxton Harbor Daily

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  • Bird Watching

Portsmouth Island & Ocracoke Island

Hatteras Inlet & Diamond Shoals

Sunset Trips

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You can make reservations online by clicking the ‘green’ date that you want to charter and clicking ‘book now’. That will add a reservation payment into your cart and take you through the checkout process. The final and full charter fee is due 3 days prior when the weather is more certain. Our system will remind you to check in with us on the weather before you pay the full charter fee. Full refunds are offered for weather cancellations. Visit charter terms and frequently asked questions for more details on our booking policies.

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Proudly Supporting Hatteras Sailing Organization

Hatteras Deadrise ‘Reel Perserverance’ is the Official Committee Boat of Hatteras Sailing Organization

We are proud to support the local not for profit Hatteras Sailing Organization as the Official Committee Boat of Hatteras Sailing for the two annual Sailing Festivals. When we are not hosting guests aboard a Hatteras Deadrise Charters, you’ll find us out in the Pamlico Sound near Buxton Harbor helping with sailing practice or summer beginner sailing camps. We have a pretty good time on the roof keeping an eye out for the little ones as they learn to be lifelong seaman.